Engineering Design


Concept & Design

We use your math data or part parameters and we will provide concept drawings to enhance your part density in your specified footprint for your racks, container, or manufacturing needs for the movement of products.  We will determine your needs whether it be moving product from one side of the plant to the other or shipping product cross country.  Our team can guide you through these questions and give you options  based on your needs and budget.  

This would include:

  • Density study  
  • Container type, size and style (Rack, Basket, or Cart) 
  • Load and unload heights 
  • Part protection 
  • Dunnage and type of materials
  • Ergonomics


After approval of concept we can build an operational prototype and determine if all requirements are meant or if any adjustments need to be made.  Testing can be done to ensure container holds parts without damaging throughout shipment.  Tests can include truck, rail, or inter-modal rail simulations, drop and impact up to 8 mph.  


After prototype approval we can offer a complete set of manufacture CAD drawings for your needs.