E.A.B. Fabrication Inc.

Design and Production

Prototype & Production Equipment
Iron Worker, 225 ton Press break, 30 ton Press break, (3) Drill presses, Bridgeport, (2) CNC Plasma tables, 5 Plasma machines, Wood Saw, Air compressor, (2) Torch sets, 20 weld machines, 3 Welding Robots, 4 Fork Lifts, a stake truck, and a Direct to Metal Paint Booth
Support Equipment
Phone lines, Conference room phone, Phone extensions, Router, GB switch, T-1 connection, Wireless access point. In addition, we have a machine that is capable of copying, scanning, and faxing documents. This is very beneficial tool when communicating with our customers, suppliers, and sales staff.
Design Software
Currently at this facility we have (2) Design Stations. Each design station has AutoCad. We are also interested in making this department expand to support our customers design needs. EAB is willing to purchase the necessary software and equipment to become a full service supplier.
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